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Bootstrap 5 | Bootstrap 5 Free Templates & Tutorials

Bootstrap 5 | Bootstrap 5 Free Templates & Tutorials

Bootstrap 5 is the newly released version of Bootstrap Framework in 2020. This article provide information such as Bootstrap 5 templates, Bootstrap 5 themes, Bootstrap 5 tutorial, Bootstrap 5 free templates, Bootstrap 5 new features.

What is Bootstrap and Bootstrap 5?

Bootstrap is one of the most popular CSS Web Frameworks for developing mobile-first and responsive websites. Bootstrap 5 is the newest version of Bootstrap in 2020.

Considering the release of Bootstrap 5, It includes the Bootstrap fundamental concept of Responsiveness, Grid Layout, and HTML and CSS-based components. These features included most of the previous versions of the Bootstrap framework also.

However, The jQuery library usage difficulty has been challenged by bootstrap users in the web development community and sometimes, it vanishes in the next version of Bootstrap.

Changes in Bootstrap 5 Fretwork

Following changes can be expected in new Bootstrap 5 fretwork includes:

  • Deprecated support for IE10
  • Removing jQuery
  • Building testing infrastructure in Jasmine
  • Dropping QUnit
  • General massive changes in JavaScript
  • Documentation is rewritten in Hugo
  • Responsive containers
  • General minor changes in CSS

Download Bootstrap 5 Fretwork

Still Not released an official version of Bootstrap 5. But, You can download the Experimental demo version of Material Design for Bootstrap 5. When the time of the release of Bootstrap 5 you can available download link in here.

Download This Experimental demo version and take a look at how Bootstrap works without jQuery.

Bootstrap V.5 Experimental Version Download Link

Bootstrap 5 tutorial

As we're still waiting for the tutorial of the Bootstrap 5 framework. but it is not ready yet. After release the official version of bootstrap 5, We will make a tutorial for this framework and you can available it in this link. Bootstrap 5 tutorial

Bootstrap 5 free themes & templates

We deiced to make many free templates and themes using the bootstrap 5 framework and You can download, change and use freely these templates freely. these Bootstrap 5 themes are available to download in this link.

Bootstrap 5 free templates

Bootstrap 5 themes

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