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HTML Lesson 1 - Introduction to HTML

HTML Lesson 1 - Introduction to HTML

This is the first HTML lesson of WebberHub HTML tutorials. Here, Gives a simple introduction about html web development. That will be helpful for every web development beginners.

This is the first article WebberHub HTML tutorial. I hope to teach you all the things from the beginning, how to learn HTML. Let us now turn to the lesson.

What is this HTML?

Do you think that many of the websites we visit on the Internet can be built using Word Processing software?

Please take a look at the following example

Bing Search Result webpage example for html lesson

Sounds easy, isn't it?

However, there are problems when uploading such articles to the Internet. Like if you tried to open an article in MS Word with Notepad.


Text with Microsoft word document


Microsoft word document open by natepad


Due to a number of other issues, the Internet required a standardized standard for articles that were linked to the internet.

Then, It can then be read quickly by web browsers because of using a common method.

The organization W3C is responsible for this.

The common standard language used for these purposes is HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

Another important thing is that this language is not a programming language but a markup language. As a result, these web pages are created using markup tags.

These tags simply tell the web browser what the content of the web page should look like.

We will talk about this in the next lesson.

HTML Lesson 2 - Understanding Tags in HTML

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