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Search Engine Optimization Techniques Basics

Search Engine Optimization Techniques Basics

In this article you can learn about basics of Search Engine Optimization Techniques. This is the best place to beginner to learn Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Do you want to get your website in Google first result? or Do you want to increase website traffic without dropping down?

Then, This guide for you. I this post we are going to talk about Search Engine Optimization(SEO). In other word, the way of getting your website to first place of Google search result.

If you are the person who maintain a Website or Blog, SEO is the most common word familiar with your subject area.

The meaning of Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

You know that the world largest search engine is Google. If your are entering something (same words) into the Google search engine, Then, the you will receive millions of search results in your web browser.

Let’s just imagine of the website related to the Computer Parts.

So, on the Google search engine someone is writing a words of "New laptops Power Supply". and he want to buy a laptop power supply.

Search Keyword of “New laptops Power Supply” to include your website in Google first page.

But in the world, There are millions of websites are available like your website and selling computer parts.

Will your website come to the first page of Google you just claimed?

Definitely not. In this case you have to SEO your website.

So, if you work closely with activities of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a long time. You can also visit and get high result in the search engine automatically.

How to do Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

How to do Search Engine Optimization(SEO)


For doing SEO for your website, First you should find the related and best keyword that with your website or Blog subject area.This step in SEO called as Keyword Research.

After finding keyword by using keyword research, You have to select best keyword for ranking your website in search engine. There are many activities need to do on the site and off the site.

These can identify as SEO Site SEO Methods as well as Off site SEO Methods. So, It is impossible to teach in this one article the way of doing SEO.

I will give you same more article about SEO in near future. That article will include detailed information about The way of doing keyword research , On site and Off site SEO and the way of writing SEO friendly articles.

I think by referring this article you can get same basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization. Then, Please share this article with your friends as well as share your idea about this article in the comment section.

I will give answer in comment section, Every question you come when reading this article.

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Then, I will see you again in the next article of SEO.

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